Sell your investment house in Scranton

Why Sell A Rental Property In Scranton PA

Reasons to sell a house in Scranton you can no longer afford. Any investor that owns a single or multifamily rental house in Scranton like a duplex, one key point is to know is when it’s time to sell. And that time is when the investor isn’t making money. Better Homes & Gardens recently contacted … Continued

CRM’s for Real Estate Investors

We are pleased to say that a leading online real estate platform asked for our insights on CRM software for real estate investors and featured our comments in their comparison blog post published on the topic. In their article, 8 Best CRM Software Apps for Real Estate Investors Compared, Real Estate Bees shares a wealth … Continued

How To Find Distressed Properties

I was asked to participate in a recent industry survey conducted by Real Estate Bees. Real Estate Bees is an online platform for investors, realtors, and other real estate industry professionals.  Real Estate Bees provides industry best practices for agents in the areas of marketing, research, and training. Much of the information they offer is … Continued